Ceiling Cloud Hardware

Ceiling Cloud Hanging Wire

So, you’ve decided you need ceiling clouds in your space to help with sound absorption, but you’re not sure which hardware to use to hang them? No matter your ceiling height, these durable, stainless-steel suspension wires can be adjusted to accommodate any size room. This almost 80-inch cable has a nickel-plated copper hook and loop on each end making installation to the Rotofast Cloud Anchors very easy, and the sleek, industrial look of the 1.5 mm wire provides a modern aesthetic to any space. To use the hardware and adjust its length, simply press the button of the hook on one end of the cable and then hook it to the Rotofast Cloud Anchor. You can do the same action on the other end of the cable to hook it to your locally sourced ceiling hardware.

Whether you want to improve the acoustics in your home or reduce noise levels in a busy office space, our acoustic fabric wrapped ceiling clouds offer the perfect solution. Experience enhanced sound quality and improved overall atmosphere with our top-of-the-line products.

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