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Rotofast™ Snap-on Anchors (50 Pack)


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Our Rotofast Snap-on Anchors (50 Pack) contains everything you need to mount your acoustical panels. These Snap-on anchors are ideally suited for both wall-mount and flush-mount ceiling applications.

This pack contains:

Rotofast™ Snap-on Anchor (PART# RSO1-A)

  • The Patented Rotofast anchor is designed to install fiberglass core acoustical panels to any substrate.

Rotofast™ Snap-on Black Ratchet (PART# RSO1-BR) (x50)

  • The black ratchet is affixed to the substrate and mates with the Rotofast anchor.

Rotofast™ Reusable Snap-on Marking Plug (PART# RSO1-MP) (x6)

  • The reusable marking plug is used to mark anchor locations on the substrate.

Rotofast™ EZAnchor & Screw (PART# EZA / EZA-S) (x50)

  • The EZAnchor and #8 2″ screw are used for drywall installation.

Rotofast™ Snap-on Installation Tool (PART# RSO1-HT) (x1)

  • The installation tool is used to screw the Rotofast anchors into the panel core material.


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