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An Acoustic Treatment Guide for Recreation Centers

Recreation should rejuvenate the body and soul, and recreation centers ensure communities can do that together. Yet, amidst the laughter and thrills lies an oft-ignored aspect that can significantly alter the experience: the soundscape. Take control of your space today with our acoustic treatment guide for recreation centers. The Essence of Rec Center Sound The […]

The Benefits of Adding Acoustic Panels to a Taproom

A taproom is an inviting and fun space where patrons can enjoy good conversation and drinks. Acoustic panels are great design details that support that environment. Examine the benefits of adding acoustic panels to a taproom so you can use them today! Customer Satisfaction A taproom should have a welcoming ambiance, inviting patrons to stay […]

3 Ways To Improve Acoustics In Your House of Worship

Acoustic quality is critical in any house of worship. Solutions to improve acoustic quality may not be immediately clear, but convenient, efficient options exist. Let’s explore practical ways to improve acoustics in your house of worship. Fabric-Wrapped Acoustic Panels The large spaces within houses of worship are beautiful. However, they also lend themselves to bad […]

The Impact of Acoustic Treatment on Employee Performance

The workplace environment can significantly influence the experience and productivity of those within it. A quieter and calmer environment fosters a productive workforce. One of the subtle yet powerful elements of productivity is acoustics. Assess the impact of acoustic treatment on employee performance so that you can optimize your workspace. Making or Breaking Concentration A […]

Ceiling Cloud Hardware

So, you’ve decided you need ceiling clouds in your space to help with sound absorption, but you’re not sure which hardware to use to hang them? No matter your ceiling height, these durable, stainless-steel suspension wires can be adjusted to accommodate any size room. This almost 80-inch cable has a nickel-plated copper hook and loop […]

3 Signs Your Office Could Benefit From Acoustic Treatment

Acoustics wield transformative power over productivity and well-being. As a business owner, you need to monitor your workspace for the canaries in your acoustic coal mine that will nudge you to consider the benefits of strategic sound management. Keep an eye out for the top signs your office could benefit from acoustic treatment so that […]

Church Sanctuary Acoustic Treatment Solutions

In many cases, church sanctuaries are large open spaces with high ceilings, hard flooring, and decorative elements such as stained-glass windows and marble walls. While these design features may add to the aesthetic appeal of the space, they also create acoustical challenges. As a result, the wrong materials can negatively impact worship services and other […]

Fabric Wrapped Panels Come in All Sizes

Our acoustic panels, clouds and bass traps are available in various standard lengths and widths, such as 24″x 24″, 48″ x 24″, and 48″ x 12″. However, what if your space needs different sizes, or you have a custom design you want to implement? Did you know we offer custom sizes? That’s right, we offer […]

Tips for Reducing Echo in Commercial Spaces

Echo and reverberation issues can be a common problem in commercial spaces such as offices, conference rooms, and event venues. These acoustic issues not only affect the sound quality within these spaces but also create a distracting and unpleasant environment for employees, clients, and attendees. Maintaining a professional atmosphere and ensuring clear communication is key, […]

Improving The Hangout’s Listening Experience

The Hangout, Myrtle Beach’s newest and hottest food and entertainment venue, located at Broadway on the Beach, features seating for 1,000, and a $2 million state-of-the-art sound system,  but the acoustics were less than ideal in this new construction. The Hangout contacted Acoustics America to help solve the “muddy” sound problems they were experiencing. The […]

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