Acoustic Room Kits

Acoustic panel room kits give homeowners and business owners the ability to make comprehensive upgrades to their acoustics. Our Acoustics America Room Kits are a versatile solution for soundproofing all types of interior spaces from home offices and home theaters to restaurants and more! Beyond enhancing your auditory experience, an acoustic room treatment kit delivers aesthetic versatility. Choose from an extensive palette to complement your interior design. Each color is selected to enhance both the acoustic and visual harmony of any room.

We also want you to enjoy an effortless installation. We deliver each kit with an intuitive mounting system, for a swift and secure installation process. Our acoustic room kits ship to you fast, with our industry-leading “Ships Next Day or Ships Free” guarantee. Transform your auditory experience, ensuring every note and every word resonates with crystal-clear definition. Browse the eye-catching kits at Acoustics America today to find the perfect way to redesign any space.

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