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Soundproofing is of paramount to concern to voiceover professionals, architects, and home builders. Our Green Glue Whisper Clips mechanically separate two sides of a wall, so that when sound hits the wall, most of the sound is prevented from transmitting through to the other side.

Green Glue Noiseproofing Whisper Clips work better than older decoupling methods because of their fortified design. Other mechanical products like resilient channel often malfunction when screws hit a stud and create a short circuit, allowing noise to transfer.

Installation is quick; measuring and screwing in clips, followed by snapping in hat channel. This process should not take more than a few hours for an average room. They are easily installed by screwing them into wall studs. The hat channel is then snapped into the clips and drywall is screwed into the channel. Clips may not be used on top of existing walls or ceilings; they must be secured directly to the framing.

Details and Specifications
WidthApprox. 1.25"
LengthApprox. 4.25"
Max Spacing48" on center
Recommended Load36 lbs ~ 3 (5/8") Type X Drywall layers
Max safe load46 lbs ~ 4 (5/8") Type X Drywall layers
Fail load300 lbs ~ 27 (5/8") Type X Drywall layers
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