3 Ways To Improve Acoustics In Your House of Worship

Acoustic quality is critical in any house of worship. Solutions to improve acoustic quality may not be immediately clear, but convenient, efficient options exist. Let’s explore practical ways to improve acoustics in your house of worship.

Fabric-Wrapped Acoustic Panels

The large spaces within houses of worship are beautiful. However, they also lend themselves to bad acoustics if they lack the right materials. Poor acoustics can promote excessive echo and reverb, which makes it harder for those with hearing aids to hear what’s being said or sung. Fabric-wrapped acoustic panels reduce echo and reverb, creating a more comfortable listening experience for all within a house of worship.

Acoustic panels, known for their sound-absorbing capabilities, can be instrumental in reducing the disturbance created by hard surfaces that often lead to sonic clutter. Speech intelligibility is critical to ensuring every message in a house of worship is heard by attendees.

Indoor sound quality helps music and conversation excel equally. Acoustic panels are among the best ways to improve speech intelligibility and indoor sound quality.

Proper Panel Installation

The key to enjoying the benefits of fabric-wrapped acoustic panels is proper installation. Evenly spread the panels throughout your house of worship, whether you’re installing them in a worship space or a choir practice area.

This will help you create a consistent level of acoustic quality. Thankfully, installing fabric-wrapped acoustic panels is very straightforward. Impaling clips are a common mounting option, using powergrab adhesive and the appropriate wall anchors to attach the impaling clip. Impaling clips are a fast, low cost option for installing wall panels. Do note however, that impaling clips are not to be used on ceiling or overhead applications.

A second, premium hardware option for mounting panels are Rotofast Snap on Anchors. Rotofast Snap-On anchors can be used for both wall mounts, and for overhead ceiling mounts. In fact, the Rotofast Snapon hardware system is the ONLY method recommended when mounting panels on the ceiling. The Rotofast system requires no adhesive, making installation clean and easy. Anyone with handyman skills can install these panels, so don’t hesitate to take on the task yourself or ask for volunteers to lend a hand. Not only is this an opportunity to save money on installation costs, but also a chance to improve your house of worship while enjoying the fellowship of working with friends.

Work With the Right Company

An important way to improve acoustics in any house of worship is to choose the right acoustic panel provider. Choose a company with detailed descriptions on their website that explain exactly where and how to use their products.

Mounting and sizing options may vary, so find a service provider who can accommodate the specific needs of your house of worship. At Acoustics America, our house of worship acoustic panels feature high-density absorbing material and frameless panel design to maximize sound absorption.

Our competitively priced acoustic panels are carefully designed to eliminate excessive echo and reverb in a house of worship. Explore the high-quality acoustic panels available online now to start improving your worship space.

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