Sound Blocking vs. Sound Absorbing

The term “Sound Blocking” means preventing the transfer of sound from one area to another.  Our Acoustic Panels and Clouds are sound-absorbing products. They are not designed to block or prevent the transfer of sound from one space to another. Acoustic panels and clouds are designed to effectively reduce echo, reverberation and ambient noise. By addressing these issues, these products can dramatically improve sound quality and speech intelligibility in a space.

To address transfer issues from adjacent rooms or spaces, sound-blocking products are required. For some further explanation on the differences between these two concepts, check out our video above; or to shop our Premium Mass Loaded Vinyl.

Please note that quality sound blocking products for walls require adding layers of drywall, mass loaded vinyl, and green glue. While not overly complicated, these projects do require skill in drywall construction, and the ability to closely follow design instructions for creating a soundproof wall.

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