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Our Acoustics America Theater Acoustic Panel Kit is designed to absorb noise and reduce echo in interior spaces. Available in a wide array of colors, these sound absorbing panels give you the freedom to control noise according to your design and aesthetic needs. Once you mount these panels on your walls, you can listen clearly to the sounds that matter.

This 1″ panel kit contains enough panels to acoustically treat a 10′ x 10′ room. For larger or more heavily populated spaces, consider ordering supplemental panels, and also consider our more absorptive 2″ thick panel line.

Space Application:

This product, with bass traps is ideal for:

  • Home recording studios
  • Home theaters
  • Any space with amplified sound, subwoofers or low end frequencies.
Product Features:
  • Choice of 41 colors across 4 fabric lines:
    • Our Classic 700 Series line offers a selection of 4 colors.
    • Our Acoustics America line offers a selection of 19 colors.
    • Our Guilford of Maine Anchorage line offers a selection of 6 colors.
    • Our Guilford of Maine FR701 line offers a selection of 12 colors.
  • Easy to install with included angled impaling clips.
  • This kit contains (6) 48″ x 24″ x 1″ panels and (2) 48″ x 12″ x 2″ bass traps. Click here for our 2″ Theater Acoustic Panel Kit.
    • 1″ inch panels are an ideal acoustic treatment for residential spaces and light commercial applications.
  • Class A fire rated.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

Note: Product images are digital representations and do not reflect exact colors. For precise color matching requirements, we recommend requesting fabric samples before purchasing.

Details and Specifications
CoreAcoustically Rated Fiberglass
Core Density6 pounds per cubic foot (6 PCF)
Flammability RatingClass A
Manufacturing Tolerance+-1/4" from centerline
Architectural Product ReferenceSound Absorbing Wall Unit
Sound Absorption at Various Frequencies
Frequency (HZ)125250500100020004000
1" Panel NRC (.85).14.27.801.111.141.14
2" Bass Trap NRC (1.15).22.811.241.301.211.16

Frequently Asked Questions View All FAQs

No, this product is not designed to block or prevent the transfer of sound from one space to another. This is a sound-absorbing product, and it is designed to effectively reduce echo, reverberation and ambient noise. By addressing these issues, these products can dramatically improve sound quality and speech intelligibility in a space.

To address sound-transfer issues from adjacent rooms or spaces,  sound-blocking products are required.  For some further explanation on the differences between these two concepts, click here for our video on sound blocking.

Please note that quality sound blocking products for walls requires adding layers of drywall, mass loaded vinyl, and green glue. While not overly complicated, these projects do require skills in drywall construction, and the ability to closely follow design instructions for creating a sound proof wall.

Yes, it is!  Our high density (6 PCF) Johns Manville Acoustic Fiberglass board provides superior sound absorption when compared to other materials. For our 1″ and 2″ thick panels, the performance of our fiberglass is better than same thickness of foam, Mineral wool, or Owens Corning 703.  Also, our core material is quite rigid, so a wooden frame is not required.

No, our panels are manufactured using a frameless design. We design our panels to be frameless for the following benefits:

  1. Our frameless panels are lighter weight, which makes our panels easier to handle, ship and install.
  2. Our frameless panels absorb sound on the edges too, giving more absorption area per panel. Wooden framed panels do not.
  3. Our panels are eco-friendly. No trees are consumed in the production of our panels.
  4. Our denser fiberglass core offers the ultimate amount of sound absorption per inch.
  5. Our panels, when mounted with “stand-off”, furring strip, or suspended method, provide additional absorption from the back side of the panel. Wood backed panels do not.

We offer our panels, clouds and panel kits in 1 and 2 inch thicknesses.

  • A 1 inch thickness is ideal for residential spaces with a maximum of 5-10 people.
  • A 2 inch thickness is suited to commercial spaces such as restaurants and offices, with a maximum of 20-50 people. A 2 Inch thickness is also ideal for maximum absorption per square foot of space.

We include mounting hardware (impaling clips) with all acoustic panel purchases. For impaling clip installation, adhesive is required as explained in our installation instructions and is available separately.

Our acoustic panel kits ship with angled impaling clips. Adhesive is not required for this mounting option.

Hardware for attaching impaling clips to your wall is not included. Drywall anchors and screws (or other hardware as appropriate) to mount the impaling clip to the wall are to be sourced from a local hardware store based on your particular wall type and situation.  Please note that impaling clips are for use on wall surfaces only and are not to be used for ceiling direct-mount applications or for any surface that is beyond perpendicular to the floor.

Optional Rotofast Snap-on anchors do not require adhesive and are available as an alternative installation option at product selection.

Our products are safe and effective and have been tested by an independent lab. All our panels and clouds carry a Class A fire rating which is the highest rating possible under the ASTM E84, a test used by code officials and regulatory agencies in the acceptance of interior finish materials.

Absolutely. We offer fabric samples free of charge. You are only responsible for shipping costs. Click here to order fabric samples.

For California residents: This product contains Antimony Trioxide and Glass Wool Fibers, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer under certain exposures.
For more information, click here.
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  1. These are awesome! Love the color we picked. Immediately noticed a difference in the sound of our home theater. Will be purchasing more at a later date.

  2. Very effective and easy to install. Thanks!

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