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Elevate your home or business’s acoustics with our suite of acoustic panel accessories. Acoustics America offers various installation accessories to ensure your project goes smoothly. With each product, we present a harmonized blend of functionality and ease of use, designed to deliver precision and effectiveness in sound management.

Here is a brief summary of the mounting options we offer.  For more information, contact our customer service team.

  • Accessories & Hardware Standard impaling clips – low cost and quick, our standard option using impaling clips and powergrab adhesive.
  • Rotofast Snap-On Anchors – premium solution for flush mounting panels to walls or ceilings.
  • Angled Impaling Clips – super fast and easy mounting in low-traffic areas. Adhesive is optional.
  • Rofofast Cloud Anchors – Standard anchors for suspending 1” thick panels from ceiling in a cloud formation where panel face is parallel to the ceiling.
  • Rotofast Extended Cloud Anchors – Same as the standard cloud anchor, except in an extended length for use ONLY with our 2” thick cloud panels.

Ensure your acoustical panels are not only effective but also securely and professionally mounted with our acoustic panel hardware. Built to last, these mounting methods provide steadfast support, enabling your acoustic panels to perform optimally and eliminating any worries about stability. Our library of acoustic panel accessories also includes easily adjustable ceiling cloud hanging wires, powergrab adhesive, caulking guns, and more.

Search our accessories today to find what you need to make your panel installation easy and successful.

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