The Impact of Acoustic Treatment on Employee Performance

The Impact of Acoustic Treatment on Employee Performance

The workplace environment can significantly influence the experience and productivity of those within it. A quieter and calmer environment fosters a productive workforce. One of the subtle yet powerful elements of productivity is acoustics. Assess the impact of acoustic treatment on employee performance so that you can optimize your workspace.

Making or Breaking Concentration

A workspace that has been properly treated with acoustic panels can ensure employees aren’t battling with their environment, allowing them to concentrate on the task at hand. This isn’t just about reducing chatter between employees. Using the computer, talking with clients, and walking around the office can all cause disruptive sounds. Luckily, you can reduce those disruptions with quality acoustic treatments.

A noisy, chaotic work environment can interfere with concentration, and can lead to frustrated, irritated employees. Frustrated and irritated employees, in turn, will not be as effective at communicating with others nor in accomplishing tasks efficiently. By reducing echo and background noise in the workspace, employee performance will improve.

Another huge benefit is the impact on customer experience. When customers are present on the other end of a phone or web call or are visiting in the room with your employees, the professionalism of a quieter background and a more focused and attentive employee can make a major difference.

We have all been on the phone with a “call center” where the background noise is terribly distracting and creates an immediate perception of chaos and lack of professionalism. Proper acoustical treatments eliminate these issues entirely.

You can add acoustic panels to your workspace in many ways, from ceiling clouds to sound-absorbing wall panels. Let’s break down the art of accurately arranging acoustics treatment.

The Art of Arrangements

Proper placement of treatments is key. A strategic arrangement can provide maximum sound clarity and absorption. Start by treating the most reflective surfaces in the room, evenly placing panels across walls and ceilings. Don’t forget to consider lighting, HVAC, fire codes, and sprinkler layouts when selecting acoustics treatments and mounting locations.

Beyond performance, consider the aesthetics. At Acoustics America, our acoustic ceiling clouds are suspended above the working environment, subtly blending into any room in which they are placed.

Our wide range of fabric textures and colors gives you precise control over how your acoustic panels look in the workplace. Beyond ceiling clouds, you can install acoustic wall panels and flush mount panels—this wide range of options ensures you can carefully tailor your setup to suit your surroundings. Whether you want them to stand out or blend into the background, the right acoustic arrangement will help you refine the room.

Aesthetics are critical to employee productivity because, simply put, a poorly designed workspace can be distracting. Instead of focusing on unattractive interior design, employees should focus on a workspace that looks as welcoming and professional as it feels.

Remember that no acoustic environment is one-size-fits-all. The Acoustics America team excels in helping you determine the proper amount, type, and placement of treatment to get the optimal results. Reach out to us by contact form or phone for help designing your perfect solution!

Optimizing Your Environment

Most workspaces today have numerous gathering and work areas that affect employee moods and performance. In addition to the primary workspace, you should also consider the acoustical quality of other critical areas, including conference rooms, break rooms, cafeterias, intimate huddle rooms, open-plan workspaces, and lobby/welcome areas.

Identifying these problem areas is the first step toward proper treatment to reduce echoes and reverberation. It’s an easy step that keeps employees productive by reducing distractions.

Acoustic ceiling clouds and wall panels from Acoustics America come in a wide variety of sizes and colors to provide the perfect solution for any space. Understanding how acoustic treatments impact employee performance is vital for any business owner. Improve your acoustics today to provide employees with the productive environment that they deserve and that your customers demand.

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