3 Things To Know About Acoustic Art Panels

3 Things To Know About Acoustic Art Panels

A balance of form and function in businesses paves the way for constructive engagement. Carve out a soundscape that’s visually stunning and fosters innovation within. Dive into the most important things you should know about acoustic art panels today.

Reinforcing Ambiance with Artistry

Never has utility come together with beauty more elegantly than in acoustic art panels. These eye-catching art pieces further your office’s design narrative. Choosing panels with images, branding, or bespoke designs gives you the power to shape the very essence of your workspace.

Your options are limited only by the expanse of your artistic yearning. From abstract paintings to corporate logos, the panels elevate any space they occupy. They can blend into your office’s décor or serve as focal points within rooms.

Delivering Versatility

Adaptability is key in corporate spaces, and acoustic art panels are chameleons. They will transform to the functional and aesthetic needs of your space. At Acoustics America, our acoustic art panels are available in many sizes, such as 24” X 24”, 36” X 36”, 48” X 12”, and more. These options make it easy to fit the acoustic panels into your space, especially when installing them around lights, smoke detectors, and other fixtures.

Maybe you seek to shield your sanctuary from the clamor of the city outside or enhance the acoustics of a personal office. No matter the environment, these panels are versatile solutions.

The beauty of their design—a union between sound engineering and art—means you don’t have to choose between sound quality and visual appeal. The panels will conveniently complement your existing décor, adding a uniqueness to your office.

Selecting Your Panels

The quest for the perfect acoustic art panels aims to link auditory excellence with visual allure. Assess your space, and identify noisy areas.

Various factors come into play when selecting panels. Consider the noise reduction coefficient (NRC), the proposed layout of your office, and the visual statement you wish to make. The substrate determines the NRC of acoustic panels. At Acoustics America, our panels use 6 PCF fiberglass. We offer these acoustic panels in multiple thicknesses, with up to a 1.15 NRC, resulting in a high-performing product.

Understanding these things about acoustic art panels will help you take advantage of their abilities in your workspace. Breathe new life into your workspace visually and auditorily. Browse our acoustic art panels to choose your design today.

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